Corporate Compliance Plan Design, Oversight and Implementation

corporate compliance plan and audit

Healthcare providers continue to face regulatory oversight that can often seem insurmountable. There seems to be a new story each week of a provider receiving fines or even being excluded from participating in federal programs for violating laws.

Corporate Compliance Programs help address these concerns by providing groups with guidance and policies to identify areas of risk, provide a culture where compliance is valued, and finally, a roadmap for addressing compliance issues should they arise. Even though Corporate Compliance Plans are required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), many groups fail to have a plan in place while others that have neglected to keep their plan updated and active.

PHM can assist with all facets of corporate compliance from drafting plans to performing a gap analysis of existing compliance plan documents currently in place. PHM can also assist with the preparation of required audits for both documentation and coding as well as claims submission. We can also advise on training requirements for physicians and staff.